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Here you can view all my professionally-made websites, ranging from Accountants to Artists.

Rust BaseFinder Project

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Rust BaseFinder is a personal project which has gathered >250000 pageviews, >50000 users, and >1000 accounts. The code can be seen on my GitHub.

Collie & Howe Decorating

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Collie & Howe are a decorating firm from Chelmsford, Essex who needed helping boosting their online presence with a new, speedy website.

OneFirm Accounting

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OneFirm is an accounting firm based in Canada, Serving Canada and the USA. Their new site helped them to penetrate the US market more effectively, by catering more for an American audience as well as their existing Canadian clients.

Ascend Solutions Accounting

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Ascend Solutions is a cloud bookkeeping firm from Australia. The site has been extensively modified by other people since my work was completed.

Joel Macpherson, CPA

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Joel Macpherson is a Certified Professional Accountant from Canada. With years of experience in the field and dozens of customers, a professional website was all he needed to boost his business.

Tracy Vine

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Tracy Vine is an artist and photographer from Chelmsford, Essex. Here website is now home to the majority of her work. A simple and refined site was what she needed to highlight her striking art.